Andrew Wagenhals

Always #ThereForHer

In February 2016, P&G and SCAD collaborated in order to explore Always Pads’ 2020 campaign. The objective was to identify avenues and touch points to engage first-time users while maintaining brand integrity. The following is a service ecosystem consisting of a package redesign, mobile interface, and advertising campaign.  


Changing the conversation and celebrating puberty.

Collaboration between Procter & Gamble and Savannah College of Art and Design to develop concepts for feminine care product themes and brand campaign for the year 2020 encompassing first-time users (10-13 years old) in European and North American markets.  


Research + Findings


Getting to know our users.

Zoey is 12 and lives in Hartfort, Connecticut with her father, a single dad. She's currently in the 6th grade and loves English class the most. When Zoey grows up she wants to be a marine biologist.

Although Zoey and her dad have a close relationship, Zoey has questions about puberty and her father struggles with answering them. They both feel lost on the subject and aren't sure where to find the answers they both need.


Branding + Identity


Standing out in-aisle.

The feminine care aisle can be cluttered, confusing and sometimes even scary. For parents who may not be familiar with the aisle, they need a product that stands out amongst the rest and reads appropriately for their daughters.


Supporting girls through information.

Research shows that girls are online searching for information on puberty. Always is #ThereForHer through details on packaging and a mobile interface.

The brand aggregates information, gives girls a space to ask questions, and empowers them to track their period.


Emojis to empower girls.

To start a positive dialog about puberty, girls are rewarded with monthly customized emojis that they can use in conversations with friends.


Building awareness out-of-home.

A playful environmental campaign leverages Always emojis and drives audiences to additional resources online and on snapchat.


Deliverables + Role

Research, persona, branding and identity, packaging, wireframes, prototype, environmental campaign.

SCAD partnership with Procter & Gamble. Collaboration with Mohini KhadariaHugo PereiraJuliana Scialabba. 2016.


2016 SCADDY Awards, Gold Social and Gold Integrated Campaign.