Andrew Wagenhals

Barbie + Tynker


Preparing the next generation of girls.

The STEM field continues to grow, but only 24% of those jobs are held by women. That’s why Barbie is encouraging girls to explore STEM through play with the Robotics Engineer career doll and partnering with Tynker, the award-winning computing platform. Together, Barbie and Tynker are giving girls the tools they need to turn what they play out in their imaginary world into real-world skills. 




Celebrating STEM on social.

Launching the Robotics Engineer doll we shared doll photography, showcased the brand's history in STEM, and shined a spotlight girls making waves in tech.


Deliverables + Role

Branding and identity, product video, website, social posts, digital banners.

Visual Design Lead + Art Director. 2018.


668M+ Impressions. ABC, MSNPeople, Mashable, GlamourEngadget, CNET.