Andrew Wagenhals

Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures


Your Own Virtual Dreamhouse.

The Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures app brings users into the world of Barbie like never before. Aligning with and expanding on the brand's episodic series, the game puts the power of storytelling in users' hands. Anything and everything in the Dreamhouse can be interacted with from designing rooms, exploring activities, and styling characters.


Customize Your Dreamhouse.

Users can make the Dreamhouse their own by dragging colors, patterns, or textures onto any surface. With a library of decorative items it's easy to change the look and feel of any room. 


Explore Fun Activities.

Sandbox gameplay allows for users to interact with anything and everything. Surprise and delight is packed into every room from busting some moves with puppies on the dance floor to throwing the summer's best rooftop pool party.


Play With Fashion.

Users can create unique outfits for Barbie and her friends with a closet of styles from from the latest Barbie Vlogs, Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures episodes, and Barbie Fashionistas line of dolls. 


Deliverables + Role

Color, typography, ui elements, UX design, product video.

Visual/UX Designer + Art Director. 2018.
Partnership with Budge Studios.


2019 Kidscreen Award, Best Branded Game