Andrew Wagenhals



Andrew Wagenhals

Brand Designer + Art Director at Mattel

Part of the Barbie & dolls in-house creative agency, working to develop campaign ecosystems, maintain global brand cohesion, and improve user experiences. 


My name's Andrew and I'm a Brand Designer + Art Director currently creating in Los Angeles. I was born and raised in Rochester, New York (Canada light), so I'm definitely enjoying my time basking in the SoCal sunshine. In a past life I was a student at SCAD where I designed until my hands hurt, learned the value of cross-functional collaboration, and peddled my way through beautiful downtown Savannah, Georgia on the daily. In another past life I was a Bed Bath and Beyond manager, but we won't go into that.

I'm currently helping hold down the fort on the Barbie & Dolls Global Brand team at Mattel. I'm part of the Barbie in-house creative agency which is awesome because we touch so many aspects of the brand. Our team covers everything and the people on it are the absolute stuff. Although we all collaborate to develop 360° campaigns, my role is primarily designing and overseeing digital components of the brand with external team partners. My design home-base is primarily and all things apps and games where I get the chance to design interfaces, establish brand guidelines, and consult on UX practices. A lot of factors lead me to Barbie, but the biggest was my draw to the brand's reignited focus on purpose to inspire the limitless potential in every girl through inclusion, storytelling, and wonder.

A wise friend and mentor once told me that every weekend in California is a mini-vacation. Whether it's a scrape on my elbow from a tumble off Salvation Mountain, fresh peaches from the farmer's market in Ojai, or beautiful pictures of Malibu beaches at sunrise I make sure that every Monday I have something to share. I believe in a bunch of stuff— mailing postcards to grandparents, bi-weekly solo-hikes to ask yourself the hard questions, and starting your day with a good book/coconut milk matcha latte with a splash of vanilla (because LA), but mainly I believe in being yourself and making the most of today. 

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